Mingo Aerospace receives qualification acceptance and approval for HVOF application on USAF Landing Gear Components.

Mingo Acceptance Memo – USAF

Mingo Aerospace prides itself in providing the highest quality standards and support for its HVOF thermal spray capabilities in the commercial and military aerospace sectors. On July 11, 2019, Mingo Aerospace was approved by the United States Air Force to apply HVOF coatings on USAF landing gear components.

Mingo began offering HVOF Thermal Spray Coating and Precision Grinding as an FAA / EASA Repair Station in support of commercial airlines and landing gear stations in 2017. Today Mingo directly supports airlines and landing gear repair facilities on five continents. We have grown our business by providing industry leading turn-around-times and outstanding quality.

Mingo looks forward to working closely with the USAF and its contractors in their efforts to transition from chrome plating to HVOF thermal spray coatings on landing gear components.

Please direct any inquiries to info@mingoaero.com.


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