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Air Carriers Purchasing Conference ACPC – San Diego Bound

The Mingo Aerospace roadshow is packing up and heading to beautiful San Diego this week for the annual Air Carriers purchasing Conference or ACPC.

We are always excited to speak about our full in-house repair capabilities for Cargo Loading Systems (Telair, Goodrich, Lucas, AAR, Ancra), Thermal Spray and Grind, and Air Chillers (B/E and Aerolux). We believe we are the best in the world at what we do, and make it our goal every day to provide value to our customers through cost savings (ask about our PMAs and DER repairs), fast TATs, and excellent customer service.

Brian and Jimmy can be found in booth #604 or by email: jnewman@mingoaero.com bcemery@mingoaero.com


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Trade Show Schedule

The Mingo trade show team will be on the road this year. With new booths and new looks!

Please stop by our booth at one of the following shows. We would love to visit with you.

  •  MRO Orlando, Booth 2226
  • AP&M London, Stand B43
  • ACPC San Diego


Reach out to: Brian bcemery@mingoaero.com to schedule a meeting.

Mingo Aerospace is proud to offer world class repair facilities for; Cargo Loading Systems (OEMS: Telair, Goodrich, Anrca, Lucas and more), Thermal Spray (737NG Tracks, and Landing Gear Components, EMB Tracks, and 777 Landing Gear), and Air Chillers (OEMs: BE and Aerolux). We house an extensive inventory to support best-in-the-world turn around times, advanced exchanges, and low cost repair solutions. 


Mingo MRO Americas Booth 2226

Mingo MRO Americas Booth 2226

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Mingo Air Chillers and Wine Chillers

Mingo has officially shipped our first B/E 600-1 Wine Chiller Freezer! Did we mention – Happy Friday!

Air chillers and galley refrigeration repairs along with thermal spray are Mingo’s two most recent product line additions.

The featured B/E 600-1 unit is the first repair/overhaul chiller unit shipped under our first large airline customer LTA specifically for air chillers.

We repair almost all B/E and Aerolux units. We also keep a large exchange and sales inventory to support industry leading TAT.

Please reach out to info@mingoaerospace.com for more information, or see our product page mingoaero.com/capabilities/air-chillers.


























B/E 600-1 Wine Chiller Freezer



B/E 355-1 Air Chiller













B/E 355-1 Air Chiller and Mingo’s large in-house air chiller inventory








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Mingo Aero to Attend MRO Europe


The Mingo Aerospace team has a long history of attending and displaying at MRO shows around the world. This year Mingo has displayed at MRO Middle East in Dubai and MRO Americas in Dallas.


Brian Emery will be attending the MRO Europe show in Amsterdam on October 19, 2016. Mingo will not have a display booth, so please reach out if you would like to schedule a meeting. We hope to see you there!


Brian Emery: bcemery@mingoaerospace.com


Please follow Mingo Aero social media for real time updates:     l4  Linkedin         t4   Twitter           f4  Facebook          i4  Instagram



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Welcome to Our New Website!

If you are reading this, congratulations! You have found your way to our new website.

Mingo Aerospace continues to grow and evolve; as we have added capacities, equipment, updated our logos and branding we have been very excited to launch our new website to reflect a reinvigorated Mingo Aerospace. We are excited to share the latest happenings, photos, and capabilities in a more complete way.

We would like to thank our good friend Stephanie Shilling for helping us over the past year with design and brand work. We hope you enjoy!

Feel free to send us suggestions or feedback info@mingoaerpace.com.

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ACPC Atlanta

Jimmy Newman and Brian Emery will be attending the Air Carriers Purchasing Conference (ACPC) in Atlanta, August 20 – 23, 2016. Please come find them at ANF Booth 3.

ACPC in Atlanta will be Jimmy’s fifteenth year to attend, and this will be Brian’s fifth ACPC.

Our team is looking forward to meeting with our customers to find out how we can better serve the air carrier industry through our; cargo loading system, air chiller, and thermal spray repairs.

Please reach out to Brian bcemery@mingoaerospace.com to say hello or schedule a meeting.

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Mingo Adds Thermal Spray Capability

Mingo Aerospace is proud to announce the addition and final FAA approval this past week for our thermal spray facility.

Mingo’s leadership team has many years of collective experience in the thermal spray industry. Our President, Bill Emery, has been involved since thermal spray’s early days of adoption into the aerospace industry as a wear preventative coating. Our Quality, Sales, and Operations team also have many years of experience with the thermal spray process. We look forward to quickly adding additional capacity and aligning ourselves with strategic partners both on the aerospace side, and to support the oil and gas industry through our sister company, Mingo Manufacturing.

Mingo has a fully functioning metallurgical lab to support our thermal spray facility, and will be adding precision grinding capabilities Q4 2016.

Mingo will institute wise and lean manufacturing in order to provide our customers with industry leading turn-around-times, competitive pricing, and excellent service and support.

Please contact Mingo Aerospace for additional information, questions, or repair opportunities info@mingoaerospace.com.

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