Mingo has officially shipped our first B/E 600-1 Wine Chiller Freezer! Did we mention – Happy Friday!

Air chillers and galley refrigeration repairs along with thermal spray are Mingo’s two most recent product line additions.

The featured B/E 600-1 unit is the first repair/overhaul chiller unit shipped under our first large airline customer LTA specifically for air chillers.

We repair almost all B/E and Aerolux units. We also keep a large exchange and sales inventory to support industry leading TAT.

Please reach out to info@mingoaerospace.com for more information, or see our product page mingoaero.com/capabilities/air-chillers.


























B/E 600-1 Wine Chiller Freezer



B/E 355-1 Air Chiller













B/E 355-1 Air Chiller and Mingo’s large in-house air chiller inventory