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    Category Archives: Press Releases

    Mingo Aerospace Receives Nadcap Accreditation for Coatings / Thermal Spray

    ‘Nadcap certificate CT Audit #196394

    Mingo Aerospace Receives Nadcap Accreditation for Coatings / Thermal Spray

    To demonstrate our continued commitment to quality, Mingo Aerospace announces that it has successfully achieved Nadcap accreditation for Coatings; Thermal Spray, Stripping of Coated Materials, Coating Evaluations, and Grinding of Coatings.

    We, at Mingo Aerospace continue our drive for across-the-board Nadcap accreditation for the thermal spray business. Accreditations to date are as follows:

    • Surface Enhancement / Shot Peening, accredited February 12, 2019
    • Nondestructive Testing, accredited September 3, 2019
    • Coatings / Thermal Spray and Grinding, accredited September 16, 2019
    • Chemical Processing, scheduled Q1 2020

    The aim of the Nadcap program is to assess process capability for compliance to industry standards and customer requirements. By achieving Nadcap accreditation, Mingo Aerospace has demonstrated our deep commitment to quality and our desire to grow the Coatings business by supporting aerospace OEMs and their sub tier suppliers.

    Quality Coordinator, Sarah Gomez expresses Mingo’s sentiments in the following, “We achieved this accreditation by utilizing the many years of expertise and industry experience represented within Mingo Aerospace. We are thankful for and proud of the contributions of the entire team.”

    For more information about Mingo Aerospace please go to www.MingoAero.com or email Brian Emery and bcemery@mingoaero.com.


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    Mingo Air Chillers and Wine Chillers

    Mingo has officially shipped our first B/E 600-1 Wine Chiller Freezer! Did we mention – Happy Friday!

    Air chillers and galley refrigeration repairs along with thermal spray are Mingo’s two most recent product line additions.

    The featured B/E 600-1 unit is the first repair/overhaul chiller unit shipped under our first large airline customer LTA specifically for air chillers.

    We repair almost all B/E and Aerolux units. We also keep a large exchange and sales inventory to support industry leading TAT.

    Please reach out to info@mingoaerospace.com for more information, or see our product page mingoaero.com/capabilities/air-chillers.


























    B/E 600-1 Wine Chiller Freezer



    B/E 355-1 Air Chiller













    B/E 355-1 Air Chiller and Mingo’s large in-house air chiller inventory








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